Y5 - First Aid Training

1st October 2017

We're in safe hands...

Year 5 Maple Class recently undertook First Aid Training provided by St John’s Ambulance Service.  The aim was to teach the children the basics to help someone in distress.


Olivia, who took part said,  “Learning First Aid was so much fun. We learnt what to do if someone was choking, had an asthma attack and how to look after someone who had fainted. We also learnt how to put a person who had fainted or was hurt, into the recovery  position.  We got a certificate at the end to show we understood.”


Aimee told us, When we learnt First Aid I thought it was really good and interesting.  We learnt lots of things.  My favourite part was learning how to put bandages on a person and also how to put someone in the recovery position using the  instructions...DRABC.  This stands for  Danger, Response, airway, Breathing and Circulation.  It was a really great day."