Ukulele Presentation - Y5 @ Yarm School

1st July 2017

Music Celebration @ Yarm School


Recently, Y5 and some children from Y6 performed at Yarm School in their theatre.

We have been learning to play the Ukulele and this was our chance to play in front of others and our parents.

Lots of schools took part and each school did a solo act.

Some children played drums; some played brass; some children sang.

We had a lot of fun performing and everyone said they enjoyed it.

Afterwards we played music games. My favourite was ‘guess the tune’. Mr Down played a tune on his trumpet and we had to guess it. I was really surprised that I liked it so much.

All of our class had an amazing time playing our Ukuleles, we were really nervous, so nervous some of us forgot our notes! I think we were surprised at the size of the school.

My favourite music was the school that did the iron pans and they were marvellous, it must have taken a long time to learn them and get that good.

Parents had arrived and waited in anticipation.

At the end, Mr Harbisher stood in front of us and conducted. We performed as a team and our nerves went away.

What a difference!       

It was a great experience.


 J.P.  Y5 Maple Class.