The NSPCC Visit to Maple Class

1st November 2018

 NSPCC’s visit to Maple Class!

The NSPCC took a very important trip to our school, and taught us many things about keeping safe and speaking out.

They introduced us to their mascot 'Buddy'. He is a speech bubble because they believe that all children should “Speak out and stay safe”.

We were showed a power point, all about our rights and tips to stay safe. We learnt all about the 5 types of abuse (Sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect, bullying or cyber bullying and mental abuse) and how to stay away from them.

In addition to that, we learnt the phone number for Childline, an organisation that gives advice and care to children with hidden worries, which is: 0800 1111!

We watched a clip of a day in the life of a boy named Guy, he was a real boy that phoned Childline. From the short video, we could tell that his life was quite lonely, and he was experiencing a type of abuse and neglect. We shared our ideas on how Guy’s classmates or teacher could help him.

To finish off the workshop, the ladies from the NSPCC very kindly gave us Stay safe and speak out kits to fill in and take home!

Here is our class photo with Buddy!

Thank you to all the amazing people working at the NSPCC   and Childline, we are very grateful!