The Big Pedal

1st May 2019

The Big Pedal

We won!

This event was a fantastic success and over the nine days we participated in the competition we completed 1, 359 journeys and achieved over 50% of our children coming to school in an active way. This is a brilliant result!! Due to all of these journeys, we were very lucky to win a prize from The Hub in Stockton for the most journeys recorded within the Stockton area. A scooter, backpack and medals were brought to our school by Louise Gaffing, along with certificates for every class!

We have decided to give the scooter to a child in school,  who doesn’t currently have one.

A big thank you should go to the Y6 Sports Crew who came into school early every day during the competition to record all of the journeys, and also to all of our parents and siblings for supporting school. We were able to use all of their active journeys as well!