Segedunum Visit - Y5 Maple & Y6 Oak

3rd March 2017
Our Historical Visit to Segedunum
We went on a school visit to Sededunum, which is near Wallsend.
It is an ancient ruin of a Roman Fort and is now a museum. 
We were going to learn about the Romans which is our History topic this term.
I was very excited. After a long time on the coach we arrived and did our first workshop.  This was to learn about the Roman Army.
We learnt how to march and also learnt about the kits they wore.
After this we went onto combat training.  We were shown how to use shields and spears and we even had to learn the oath.
"We will do whatever we are ordered to do and be ready at every command"
Our second workshop was about Celtic life.  We were shown how to build a Celtic round house and also about the food they ate.  Celtics loved curly and wavy lines, staying away from straight lines because they didn't like them.
It was a great day and a great trip.  I would like to go again!
Written by Lea in Y6 Oak Class