Marrick Residential - Y5

1st March 2016

Maple Class Visit To Marrick  Priory March 2016

This year’s Y5’s had a fantastic time at Marrick Priory. We had a fun and action-packed week with too many highlights to mention but here are a few of our brilliant memories…

On the way to Marrick, we visited the Green Howard’s museum. It was very interesting to see the artifacts from World War One and to discover what life was like living in the trenches.

When we arrived at Marrick we put all of our belongings in to our dorms and quickly prepared ourselves to start the exciting activities planned for us. In the afternoon, we did archery, team challenges and the low ropes. All of these activities were great fun and some were quite difficult but they were very enjoyable and I would definitely do them again. When we had finished the day we all had our first evening meal and it was absolutely brilliant. The dinner staff made exquisite food all week and our stomachs were very grateful for that!

The week was full of many more heart-racing outdoor adventures including abseiling, canoeing at Ellerton Lake, the high ropes and various evening activities. One of the highlights of the week was the day walk where we experienced all four seasons in one day! Sometimes we would be knee deep in snow and at others the sun would shine brightly. We learnt a lot about the old lead mines and we even saw the remains of the wooden beams that had supported the mines when they were built centuries ago, covered in snow. After the long day walk we all bought ice creams and had a well-earned break.

None of this amazing trip could have taken place without our instructors Kez, Tom and Chris and our teachers Mr Stowell, Mrs Stokeld and Miss Allen. Thanks also go to Mrs Millward who organised the trip and to all our parents who also made it possible!

By Lily Worsdale Al-khalidi