Healthy Schools

  • Playtime Snack
  • Children are permitted to bring a healthy snack to school to have during morning break.    ie: a small piece of fruit.
  • Packed Lunches
  • Please avoid including fizzy drinks, chocolate bars, etc in your child's packed lunch and ensure that any food provided can be eaten straight from their lunch box. Unfortunately due to allergies, nuts are strictly prohibited.
  • Thank you for your co-operation.
  • Fairtrade Friday
  • At break time on Friday’s, we have a Fairtrade Tuckshop.  Children can purchase  Fairtrade products ranging from 50p.
  • Lively Lunchtime Crew
The Lively Lunchtime Crew is an initiative set up by Healthy Schools in partnership with School Catering and Sports Development. A group of children from Oak class have been selected to train to be part of the Crew. The training session introduces games and techniques on how to engage younger children in outdoor activities; as well as using the indoor equipment and encourage other children to try school dinner tasters.