Bloodhound SCC Racing Rockets - April 2017

3rd April 2017

Rocket Cars    

                                                           By Lilli in Y5


Making the rocket car:    First, I drew measurements on the block of blue foam, we weren’t allowed to cut into the measurement lines. I designed my car by cutting of a large section of the front and cutting and sanding it into a rectangle with a bigger/taller section at the back. Then applied wheels and screws.

The first Race:    At lunch on Thursday 6th April 2017, the Royal Air Force arrived wearing their camouflage uniform.  We raced our cars and mine won!

The winners of that round all raced again and I won again.  By the end there were only two rocket cars left: mine and Reuben’s.

We were then given an invitation to go to RAF Leeming to enter another competition.  I was exhilarated.

There are lots of races but the overall winners get to go to South Africa and see the launching of the world’s fastest car. That would be amazing!