Bloodhound SCC Competition at RAF Leeming - April 2017

5th April 2017

RAF -  Leeming

                                                                                                           By Rueben (Y5)

R.A.F. Leeming

When we all arrived at the RAF base, we were transported to Leeming Hall.

We were given rules to follow and asked to make new rocket cars.  I was in a group with Izzy and Ella.

There were multiple tools we could use to build our car.  For example, wire cutters, which were amazing!  We could also use pliers, hammers, permanent markers, rulers, files and sandpaper too.  We used all the tools to make our car light and as streamlined as possible to make it fast and sturdy.  We decorated our rocket car and called it “THUNDER BOLT”!     


The Race

We waited for ages until our car was put on the track to race. Finally, it was our turn, we were so worried that ours wouldn’t work or will blow up in the middle of the race. There was a countdown and we had to say launch instead of fire.  If we said fire, the officer would throw a bucket of water on us!


The Results

Finally, the results were in. We were all so worried we wouldn’t get to the finals. Sadly, we didn’t but, Girl Power: Erin, Lilli and Charlotte, came second. I felt so happy for them.

We looked around the base and looked at drones and flyers. It was very interesting. We also learned about the three Isaac Newton rules by the officer.  He told us how the cars worked, fuel, fire and air.  He got a massive tube with a lid and tiny hole, and put a spray in the tube, made sure lots of air was inside, then he got a lighter and put it in the tiny hole.  3… 2… 1… BANG! The lid just blasted off!  It was very cool to watch.

I got a spare car block and all the things I needed to make another car, put it all in a bag to take home. I am going to make a really good one to remind me of an absolutely fantastic day. I loved it from start to end!

The whole day was truly AWESOME!

RAF -  Leeming
                                                                    By Lilli (Y5)

We had a great day at RAF Leeming.

Our team:  myself, Erin and Charlotte called ourselves 'Girl Power’.


RAF Leeming Car Building

When we built our rocket car this time, we could use advanced tools that we had not used before. For example, hot wire cutters.

We drew the measurements and designed the outside with a permanent marker. After that, we went over to the hot wire cutters and there was about 7 staff at the same tool. I was allowed to cut it, it was terrifying.  I thought I would cut my finger off! I cut into the design and then we spent time sanding it until it was smooth, added wheels, E-Z screws and E-Z keys. Now it was ready.  It was time to race!


RAF Leeming Races:

It was our go, all of the cars went so fast it was unbelievable! Launch!  It was scary being so close to the extremely fast rocket cars.

It was great when our name was called out for coming second.  We were very proud.